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Toy 11: The Throne

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How do you feel when the odds are against you; when you feel that everyone around you, who should celebrate you is out to get you? How do you respond when you feel defeated before you even step out to achieve something good in your life?

Jesus’ survival was at stake from the get-go. The throne during his day was against him — the king sent assassins after him. At such challenging times, it is very easy to lose hope and yield control to the difficult situation. But as I read through the story from the Bible, I started to think to myself:

Who is really in control?

Is it the earthly throne that could be snatched in a coup by someone more powerful, the throne that could become empty when the one who sits on it stops breathing? Could it be that the existing powerful challenges and authority I so quickly cower before is only as valid and the fleeting breath in every human?

God showed us through Jesus’ story that He is in control, not anyone else, so that the next time you feel small and threatened, you can pause and ask yourself — who is really in control?

I hope you know the answer.

Here’s a hint: it’s your heavenly Father who sits on the throne.

— no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed,

– Isaiah 54:17

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