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Inspiring stories curated by Africans

Istoria County Audio Network gathers creatively distinct but purposefully related shows curated by fresh African voices. Our faith-inspired, story-driven shows seek to create delightful, engaging, and transformative content for the whole family. 

This channel celebrates faith, creativity, and the heritage, history, identity, experience, and virtue of Africa through the power of storytelling, as an inspiration to the next generation.

Find below, brief descriptions of the currently hosted shows.

That’s It! with Aisha & Busola

Mixed with humor and reflection, That’s It! with Aisha & Busola presents an extension of private long-term conversations between friends on a wide range of social issues from their unique viewpoints as Nigerian immigrants in Australia and the USA respectively. Hosted by Aisha Lagunju (Australia) and Busola Akinpelu (United States). Catch up on episodes here

StoryVox Podcast

The StoryVox podcast presents stories, deep conversations, and soft skills curated to inspire hope and empower listeners to live intentionally. View Episodes here

Daily Snippets from the vine

Leveraging on years of reflective thoughts, Snippets Audio contains bite-sized reflections for every day, underlaid with relaxing music and a space to take it all in! Listeners will find comfort and encouragement after a long day, during chores, on the commute, or wherever they listen to podcasts. Listen here

The Toys of Christmas

The Toys of Christmas is a project that finds items in the story of Jesus’s birth that could pass as toys or ornaments for a Christmas tree and use these as a foundation for reflection and contemplation during the Christmas season.

These toys are accompanied by prompts for reflection and conversation that families can go through together and discuss the significance of Jesus to them. Listen here