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Say welcome to a refreshing and uplifting audio experience for the whole family!

The Istoria County Audio Network gathers creatively distinct but purposefully related shows curated by fresh African voices. Our faith-inspired, story-driven shows seek to create delightful, engaging, and transformative content for the whole family. 

This channel celebrates faith, creativity, and the heritage, history, identity, experience, and virtue of Africa through the power of storytelling, as an inspiration to the next generation.

We need more hopeful, inspiring, and empowering stories from fresh African voices — we hear this all the time, so that is what we set out to do.

Inspiring stories curated by Africans

Our shows appeal to a wide range of audiences and cover diverse topics, however, we are driven by the desire to delight, inspire hope and empower our listeners.

Currently featuring 4 shows and growing, Istoria County highlights hope and transformation through the voices of African storytellers.

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