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You know what, That’s It!

That’s it? Just like that? Learn more about the most interesting podcast you have ever listened to yet!

When you listen to the podcast, you will understand why these two lifelong friends, Aisha Lagunju and Busola Akinpelu, named their new show. Or maybe not.

Anyway, we are excited to announce the release of That’s it! with Aisha and Busola.

Mixed with humor and reflection, That’s It! with Aisha & Busola presents an extension of private long-term conversations between friends on a wide range of social issues from their unique viewpoints as Nigerian immigrants in Australia and the USA respectively.

Recording from the Australia and United States, we have worked our magic to prepare you for this awesome show that you can listen to from anywhere – on any podcast platform or on this website. This podcast will be released monthly until you ask for more.

Okay, That’s It!