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Listen to Chapter 8 of “The Faces of Christmas”

Experience the Christmas Story Like Never Before

The faces of Christmas tells the Christmas story told through the lenses of 12 people, and that includes the reader!

It is a book that the whole family can read together on the days leading to Christmas. The stories in this beautifully illustrated book will delight and prompt readers to visualize their role in the larger-than-life story of Jesus, the Messiah.

Emmanuel Onimisi is a creative writer, artist, and environmental researcher. He writes poetry and speculative fiction and is the author of Portal and The Curious Case of Doctor Maundy. He loves music, stories, comics, and the simplification of complexities through illustration, especially geared toward children and family entertainment.

Istoria County is producing an audio experience that will be available on all popular audiobook platforms this Christmas!

Listen to a sample below:

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